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The mythical lost city of Atlantis has been the subject of countless stories and films, focusing on the dozens of coastal civilizations that have been subsumed by the oceans, typically, the result of earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis. The number of coastal cities pulled into the ocean, especially in the Mediterranean basin, number a dozen or more.


Development of this adaptation (using Final Draft) will follow the format developed for Kulo Luna, Cleopatra The Mummy and Treasure Island: Blackbeard's Curse & Pirates Gold. The template for which is as follows:-





Aiming for a screenplay 90-110 pages max.





Seriously disillusioned eco activists are imprisoned by the British, for peacefully protesting in London about unrealistically low fines for oil spills in the North Sea, demonstrating strictly in accordance with their Article 9 and 10 Human Rights. They are targeted by fossil fuel industry fraudsters, who bribe police officials and court judges to secure a conviction, with the backing of corrupt ministers of state who have undeclared personal investments in oil drilling companies: Amoco, BP, Shell, Total. That sets in motion a train of events, where, having been framed, the ever more determined environmentalists build a mini-sub, fast enough and especially equipped, to sink or capture Astute, Aukus and US Seawolf class submarines. Having captured HMS (SSN) Neptune, the Terramentals torpedo 'Claymore,' a Repsol Sinopec operated rig, also destroying others (Amoco, BP, Shell), with the looming threat to target all 150 plus, operating in the North Sea. The oil producers are temporarily forced to shut down production, as a result of the significant media coverage and public outrage on realization of the pollution. The UN asks John Storm to provide a geodata survey on the environmental damage.


The Terramentals attempt to head down the English Channel out into the North Atlantic, thinking to travel to Georges Bank, where preparations for drilling are taking place, despite Barack Obama's historic lease cancellations and a 200 mile marine conservation zone on the US east coast. But they don't get very far. Before John and crew can make it to the North Sea, Hal picks up SSN Neptune's signature as radiation leakage. The Elizabeth Swann gives chase to warn the extremists. 




The Terramental's do not know they are being chased, or about the radiation leakage. The Swann's virtually silent drives, fool the sub's sonar. They surface for communications, when the Swann goes into stealth mode to avoid being picked up on the submarine's radar, but they are spotted as they warn of radiation leakage. SSN Neptune, then changes course, heading down the coast, past the Bay of Biscay, heading to the Straits of Gibraltar. John tries to warn the Terramental's about the radioactive discharges. But the submarine dives shallow dangerously close inshore to evade the Swann, though is tracked with their advanced side scan sonar, when they detect a magnetic incongruity for that geographical location. This turns out to be a sunken German U-boat, stuck on a regular reef of sorts, that should not be there. Meantime, in the US Senate and European Parliament, an emergency debate is begun as to the environmental damage from the multiple oil leaks. Charley Temple reveals her research on the subject, telling that the rig operators have been covering up oil discharges from dozens of wells, in return for backhander contributions, lodged in offshore tax havens via the Isle of Man.


The Terramental's realise that John is right about the radiation leakage, when Neptune's hazard system activates. Commander Storm rescues the environmental extremists. MI6 orders their Navy to sink the Neptune in the deep Atlantic as a black op, in the hope of delaying any investigation into the faulty submarine. This intelligence is intercepted by Hal on the Swann. John tows SSN Neptune well away from the area where they discovered the Nazi U-boat. He takes the radioactive boat to the port of Lisbon, in Portugal for MAIB investigators. Having messaged Jill Bird as to the dangers of the radiation leaks. Naval subcontractors BAE Systems have to face some awkward questions as to component failures, a rotten apple attempting to use a procurement fund as bribes to further cover up. But internally, BAE director William Wallace blows the whistle.




John and crew then go back to the German U-boat, ROV survey, and dive the site, to discover what Storm believes to be Atlantis. He also finds the gold. As with Henry Morgan's ship, he videos the find. Then begins the long process of negotiating for treasure trove. He fully anticipates another trial in the Hague, but the case precedent he set in the Netherlands, prevents any attempt by the authorities to try and force the information out of him. Germany and other EU nations with a claim to the gold back down wary of John's performance during his last Hague appearance. Cleopatra informs Blue Shield about Atlantis, but withholds the location. John is in no hurry to recover the gold, which Europe could do with to pay off rising national debts. They thus offer the customary 10%. John accepts 1% to cover the Swann's forward operations, donating the other 9% to UNESCO and Blue Shield.


Hydrogen production is stepped up in the UK and Europe, to fill the gap left by the oil shortage, resulting in the UK becoming cleaner than any other nation, by way of accelerated transition to renewables. Green methanol is put on sale in UK service station forecourts. Most garages in the UK offer a conversion service, where John negotiates a grant from the British government towards the conversion cost for fleet operators, and a grant to make it free for those families on a low wage. The IMO are persuaded by these successes to accelerate type approval of green methanol for shipping, recommending support for this tech in ports, alongside existing bunkering. The US senate adopt similar standards.


John uses all the good the Terramentals have achieved, to negotiate an amnesty, provided that they limit their future activities to peaceful protests. Their criminal records are expunged as part of the deal, as being justifiable (Extinction Rebellion) in the face of accelerating climate temperatures. And the service they have provided in revealing the reactor flaws in the SSN Neptune.



Operation Neptune, The Lost City Of Atlantis


Plato described Atlantis as an island larger than Asia Minor and Libya combined, and situated just beyond the Pillars of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar). Atlantis was mythologized to have been founded by Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas. He made his son Atlas the king and named the city after him, as well as the ocean around it, hence the Atlantic Ocean.

According to legend, Atlantis was populated by an advanced society which perished after the island subcontinent was submerged beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean somewhere past the Pillars of Hercules (assumed to be the Strait of Gibraltar). The name Atlantis is derived from the ancient Greek term for "island of Atlas." 






ACT 1.


CHAPTER 1.   PROTESTS - A group of environmentalists demonstrate peacefully about the oil leaks in the North Sea. The Terramentals are framed and imprisoned, during which time they vow to expose the corrupt officials who stitched them up.


CHAPTER 2.   PREDATOR - In prison, they meet a Jorges Dicaprio, a Cuban submarine expert. He is due for deportation having been refused asylum in the UK. Released from prison, the Terramentals work with the sub expert to build a mini-sub capable of sinking a nuclear powered fast attack submarine.


CHAPTER 3.   PHOENIX - The Terramentals, locate, chase, and sink HMS Neptune ( SSN) in shallow waters Irish Sea off Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, using the Predator mini-sub - knocking out the crew. They re-float, and release the crew, in dinghies.


CHAPTER 4.   BRITISH PETROLEUM - The eco extremists warn the operators of a BP rig in the North Sea, to abandon drilling operations or face the music. BP refuse. They torpedo the rig, followed by three others, then make their escape, knowing the Royal Navy will send out destroyers.


CHAPTER 5.   BBC WORLD SERVICE - Jill Bird reports on the demands of the Terramentals daring attack. The whole world is shocked to learn of the North Sea pollution cover up. Charley Temple investigates the government's efforts to silence criticism with radical law changes. Likening it to Henry VIII and Nazi German political tactics.


CHAPTER 6.   UNEP SOS - The UN's Environment Programme ask John Storm to survey the North Sea for concentrations and flow pattern of oil pollution. The Elizabeth Swann passes the SSN, HMS Neptune as they negotiate the Straits of Dover. Hal picks up traces of radiation contamination on a course for Great Yarmouth.


CHAPTER 7.   RADIATION ALERT - John and Dan twig the radiation must be from the Terramentals submarine, and that HMS Neptune may have serious reactor damage. They scramble the Swann to chase the source, turning back down towards and through the Straits of Dover at maximum speed on foils. They must warn the extremists of the danger they are in and the nuclear submarine poses.


ACT 2.


CHAPTER 8.   STEALTH MODE - Storm spots the Astute sub as they surface, the Swann goes into stealth mode, but is detected as John radios the extremists to warn of radiation leakage.


CHAPTER 9.   CHANGE OF COURSE - The Terramentals change course, diving again, heading for the Straits of Gibraltar. Believing the radiation warning is a ruse.


CHAPTER 10. U-BOAT 986 - In trying to evade the Swann, the SSN Neptune navigates an unusual course, way off the normal transport lanes. In hot pursuit, the Swann's instruments pick up magnetic signature of U-Boat 986 with side scan sonar, lodged in irregular rock formation.


CHAPTER 11. SENATE, UK & EU DEBATE - News of the submarine hijacking and destruction of oil rigs, sends alarm bells ringing in governments around the world. Evidence is uncovered as to the enormity of the North Sea leaks cover up, as Charley Temple releases her investigative research. The Deepwater Horizon leak is relived, sending shivers down political spines.


CHAPTER 12. REACTOR LEAK - The Terramentals realise John was telling the truth, when the radiation leak detection system on the SSN Neptune triggers. Their reactor is badly damaged, a fault in waiting triggered as the extremists pushed the vessel hard. They surface too close to the U-Boat for comfort.


CHAPTER 13. RESCUE TOW - John offers the extremists a rescue. Warning the Terramentals that MI6 has ordered the sinking of the Neptune. It turns out the MOD knew the reactor was potentially dangerous, The Ministry and BAE Systems, want that evidence disappeared.


CHAPTER 14. LISBON PORT - Working in unison, the Terramentals and John Storm, shut down Neptune's reactor & systems. They rig a tow, and haul the stricken submarine into port at Lisbon, having alerted the Marine Accident Investigation Board, to the problem, warning not to trust the MOD. The news media is given this information to prevent MI6 from sinking the Neptune, to get rid of their dirty laundry.


ACT 3.


CHAPTER 15. ROV ATLANTIS - Swann and crew return to U-Boat coordinates in stealth mode at night, adopting a circuitous route to avoid being tracked. John surveys the site, and discovers what appears to be evidence of Atlantis, or at least an advanced civilization that is unknown and some 8-10,000 years old. On investigating the Nazi submarine, John discovers the gold onboard, in place of torpedoes and just about everything else.


CHAPTER 16. TREASURE TROVE - The Swann returns to London, when John notifies the authorities of the gold find. They immediately threaten prosecution and confiscation of the Swann. Several nations lay claim to the gold hoard, without a shred of evidence to back them up. Hal takes control of MI6 as a warning to MOD as to futility of engaging the Swann. US President Lincoln Truman chimes in, to support John and crew. The Brits back down, under orders of PM, Edward Thomas, and 1st Sealord.


CHAPTER 17. BLUE SHIELD - Cleopatra (Patricia Leopard) alerts Blue Shield, Newcastle University, to potential find of Atlantis, acting as the Swann's onboard antiquities expert, being a time traveler herself. The location is withheld for security reasons, and to prevent a media scrum. She suggests survey and UNESCO world heritage site inclusion, should the site be deemed important. She is appointed Africa-Egypt rep.


CHAPTER 18. GOLDEN OFFER - The claimants various agree to compensate John for the U-Boat find. They offer 10%. John agrees to take 1% to cover costs of operating the Swann. With the remaining 9% to fund Blue Shield surveys. A special trust and bank account is set up. Cleopatra (Trish) as managing trustee, with Hal as administration. UNESCO most grateful.


CHAPTER 19. GREEN MOBILITY - Galvanized into action and somewhat embarrassed at the recent North Sea and MOD revelations, the United Kingdom push the green hydrogen button in a big way. John negotiates H2 conversion grants for low income families, by lobbying Parliament, reported on as an important concession to drive blue growth, by Jill Bird, in her World News Roundup.


CHAPTER 20. IMO IS GO - The International Maritime Organization follow suite, taking the plunge with green hydrogen and methanol, certifying these fuels for use in ships and ports, with temporary certificates. The USA joins in the H2 scrum. China and India become economically uncompetitive staying with coal, gas and oil. Their exports fall, where nobody wants dirty goods.


CHAPTER 21. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - John Storm and George Franks negotiate an amnesty for the Terramentals, using pirate case precedent from 1700, and video evidence to prove set up. With conditions attaching, by way of a probationary period, also expunging their criminal records, provided that the group limit their activities to peaceful protests. Dirty Harry and The Devil are charged with treason.






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